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Welcome To UK Address Finder.

UK Address finder is your information site for finding an address in the UK using Electoral roll data as well as other databases. 192 (see right) is our chosen address finding partner they hold millions of addresses on their easily searchable database. Data from the electoral roll up to 2012 and other sources can be searched in seconds.

In the UK address information is stored on the electoral roll, this information can be searched for by a supervised inspection by anyone by legal right for free, but that means attending the local Council offices in person and trawling through the data. An online address search makes much more sense as they can be completed in seconds.

The search results fall into two broad categories; free results are just that totally free address information. If there are no free results available you can see premium results for a small cost usually just a few pence per set of address information.

Address search filters

Maybe you need to search for the address of someone who has a very common name like John Brown, well you can use powerful search filters to help pinpoint the address you need. You can choose to only see the “John Brown’s” that are for example roughly 55, who live within 26 miles of London and work in the civil service and are married to a Susan Brown.

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